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 Speedtape Airlines (Callsign: Write-Up) is a low cost regional airline offering service to wherever the wind may take us.  Seriously, we aren’t that good at wind drift correction so often times our dispatchers will just let the wind push us to the airport closest to the intended destination.

Please keep in mind, these are puppets. They may say things that you don’t agree with. Things that make you mad. Things that make you want to report them to the FAA... But chill, they are puppets. There are so many more important things in the world to get angry about. Like emotional support beta fish. Also, if you feel like arguing with one of them, remember, you would be arguing with a puppet. I am sure that there are better people to argue with, like that TSA agent at Known Crew Member who has “randomly selected” you for the 5th time this month.

NOTHING of what is said on this page, memes or videos has any connection whatsoever to any specific real live person, airline, executive or crew member and reflects no ones true opinions. The personas are not fashioned after real people. This page is SATIRE and is meant to be interpreted that way.

Speedtape Airlines is fictional and NOT based on any specific airline rather on the industry as a whole. Lastly, the puppeteer is a professional pilot and would NEVER behave in the real world and in his actual work life the same way these characters do.

Again, this is satire and is meant to be over the top. That’s it. Lets all have fun now!

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